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Civis Analytics Civis Analytics [ Website ]
DevOps Engineer, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Software Engineer, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Software Engineer (All Levels), Chicago, Illinois, United States
Software Engineer (All Levels), Chicago, Illinois, United States
Civis Analytics is building a data-driven world. We are building cloud-based products to help organizations do data science better and easier. We create technologies that empower organizations to unlock the truth hiding in their own data—transforming them into smart organizations that are ready to thrive. We're solving the world's biggest problems with big data. Through research, experimentation, and iteration, we’re transforming how organizations do analytics. While our history is rooted in political campaign targeting, we’re now partnering with intelligent organizations in healthcare, media, education, and a range of other domains. We are a community of engineers, data scientists, and statisticians, and are looking to add to our growing team. We are smart, fun, and a little bit weird. Does this sound like you?
Claire Automotive Support Claire Automotive Support [ Website ]
Allround frontend/backend programmer, Ede, Netherlands
Claire is ontwikkeld van uit de praktijk, gebaseerd op de LEAN principes! Wij zijn heel goed in het optimaliseren van de werkprocessen. Dit doen we door nieuwe technologieën toe te passen en de processen te standaardiseren en automatiseren. Door hier transparantie, heldere meetpunten en gedeelde kennis aan toe te voegen minimaliseren we verspilling en voegen we meer waarde toe voor klanten en medewerkers. Constant verbeteren! Increase Customer Value. Claire is ontwikkeld binnen het autobedrijf vanuit de wens en noodzaak om constant te verbeteren. Om verspilling binnen de traditionele werk processen te minimaliseren en transparantie te optimaliseren. Om zodoende een betere prijs kwaliteit verhouding te kunnen leveren en daarmee de omzet te optimaliseren. Claire is ontwikkeld vanuit de praktijk, dat kan alleen met de beste mensen met enorm veel praktijk ervaring!
Clever Clever [ Website ]
Full Stack Software Engineer, San Francisco, California, United States
We're a distributed platform for educational software that helps teachers use the tools they already want. We're in 1 in 5 schools in America, and we're currently a team of 40 people based in downtown San Francisco.
CloudFlare CloudFlare [ Website ]
Billing Systems Engineer, San Francisco, California, United States
Systems Engineer, San Francisco, California, United States
Systems Engineer, London, United Kingdom
At Cloudflare, we have our eyes set on an ambitious goal -- to build a better internet. Cloudflare is a pre-IPO, high-revenue startup, with over 4 million customers, including Cisco, NASDAQ, OkCupid, and Meetup.
Clypd Clypd [ Website ]
Software Engineer, Somerville, Massachusetts, United States

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