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Agrarian Labs Agrarian Labs [ Website ]
Senior Backend Engineer, Austin, Texas, United States

Aivvy Inc. Aivvy Inc. [ Website ]
Software Engineer, Redwood City, California, United States
Aivvy is an exciting new tech company that is dedicated to changing how people interact with their media. It is currently developing a learning artificial intelligence, cloud services, consumer electronics, and mobile applications with the intent of simplifying how people listen to music. Its culture is built on diversity and inclusion, and its philosophy is one of intuitive minimalism. Working for Aivvy gives you the opportunity to help drive the next evolutionary step for tech. It's not enough to push technological boundaries just for the sake of advancement anymore. As a part of Aivvy you'll help take those new advancements and seamlessly incorporate them into daily life, stripping away the unnecessary bloat that we've come to accept as a natural part of progression.
Alegrium [ Website ]
Golang + Google App Engine Developer (Project based), Jakarta, Indonesia (Remote possible)
Same investor with Alegrium but will do very special business model.
AliveCor AliveCor [ Website ]
Software Engineer - Cloud, San Francisco, California, United States
We are small (~ 20 employees), VC-backed, health technology company that develops the full stack: hardware, software, and machine learning algorithms. We make electrocardiograms accesible to anyone with a smartphone, our product has been approved by the FDA and is being used by patients and doctors in multiple countries.
Aludio [ Website ]
Backend Engineer, London, United Kingdom

Amigo Technology Ltd. Amigo Technology Ltd. [ Website ]
Graduate Software Developer, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Graduate Software Developer, London, United Kingdom
Senior Software Developer, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Senior Software Developer, London, United Kingdom
We turn marketing ideas into brilliant digital experiences quickly and cost effectively. Our technology works with our client’s existing data and technology and allows them to implement new campaigns, learn fast and respond to new opportunities and challenges as they emerge. Amigo is agile marketing. We are a startup challenger brand with big ambitions to disrupt the digital marketing space. Amigo’s senior team has a track record in starting highly successful businesses and significant experience within digital marketing. Read more about our belief system at and how Amigo solves our clients’ problems at
Amplidata/HGST, division of Western Digital Amplidata/HGST, division of Western Digital [ Website ]
Build Automation Engineer, Gent, Belgium
As one of the leading storage companies in the world, HGST / Western Digital puts a heavy focus on software quality and reliability. We are looking for a build system engineer that is responsible for maintaining our build and test infrastructure. This large infrastructure is hosted in-house and is built on top of cutting-edge automation and virtualization technologies. The team of 100 engineers depends on this infrastructure for day-to-day building of components, running unit, component and integration tests, investigate bugs and performance regressions.

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